Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bon Appétit Afiyet olsun, En Guete, sahtaan :)

Wow! haven't been on my blog for yonks, but have found the motivation once again :))

One word, Food!!

Eating is one of the great sensual pleasures in life, tucking into a juicy steak or a delicious bowl of ice cream can be a real joy and something that makes life really seem worthwhile. Whether it's eating with family, friends or just random people :p , it really brings togetherness and a time to enjoy stuffing our faces. Here are a few shots of glorious food I have had and feel the need to share.
Enjoy xx

Flour Mill Mezza for two : Flour Mill, Sydney Rd Brunswick

Honey Dumplings with Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate Sauce-Suzuki Night Market
 Queen Victoria Market, Elizabeth St Melbourne

Turkish Pizza-Spiced chicken with eggplant, rocket & tahini sauce
Mecca Bah, Docklands

Lemon Meringue pie...somewhere on Lygon St....don't remember lol

Tender Chicken and Mushroom Stack w petite garden salad
Cafe Keyif- Flnders Street, Melbourne

Best Coffee ever!!
Hot Cappuccino
Flour Mill, Syndey rd Brunswick

Finally, breakfast at my place :) Good food, even better company xx

SO, enjoy food and share it with those you love.

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