Sunday, August 15, 2010

What I wore today!

Well I did some retail therapy today, and thought I would share what I wore. Not all that but shall put them up anyway =D
I will put up more pictures of what I wear to work throughout the week xoxo

My new Vintage Bag, that has a Vivienne Westwood Design =D
Black Stretch Skirt and Satin Scarf both from Sorayya Design and leather orange heels by Sergio Zelcer....You gotta love Ebay!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oldies but Goodies!

Ahhh to be young again!
I miss the days where we had hardly any resbonsibilities, except fighting over who's going to help mum rinse the dishes and hold the pegs while she put the clothes on the line. I miss playing out in the street till the sun dont shine and doing crazy things like knick knocking and putting fart bombs at people's front doors, ringing the bell and making a run for it. It is trully someting I miss.Here are a few photos of my family and I. Enjoy =)
My sister Sera and I at Coburg Lake 1992
Friends Busra, Yusuf, Myself and Sera at the Pools, We look too cool for school.  =D
Mum and Grandad
Dad in the 70's Groovylicious!

HAHAHAHAHAHA mum loved to put the little bobbles in our hair

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Love Bourjois!

Bonjour Ladies,

Here is one of my absolute favourite makeup supplier.....BOURJOIS!!!!
From their little round pot eyeshadows to their waterproof mascara.... I Love em' all.

My favourite is the vintage retro packaging on the eyeshadows and blushes. There are 7 in total, three blushes and 4 shadows. Blush colors come in Rose d'or, lilas d'or and rose frisson and the shadows come in noir precieux, blanc diaphane, beige rose and marron glance. Collection of all is a MUST!

Hmmmmm........I am trully in Love.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mexicali Rose

Ola All,
This has nothing to do with vintage, but more about my GUT! =)

Mexicali Rose, the yummiest Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. Goodbye Taco Bell! The atmosphere, food and drink is absolutely mouth watering. The make your own fajita's with guacamole,tomato salsa,yogurt,lettuce and a spicy capsicum mix served in an edible nacho bowl, washed down with mandarin soda is heaven on a plate. MMMMM!

Mexicali Rose is a must go!
103 Swan St
Richmond 3121
(03) 9429 5550

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vivian Westwood Is To Die For!

Born Vivienne Isabel Swire in Glossop, Derbyshire, on April 8, 1941, Vivienne Westwood is one of the most influential and recognisable British designers of the past 20 years. Here are some of her designs to die for.....
Her designs have a Vintage style to them while looking very fashionable.....The small detail like
the hearts on the heels and the gold on the bags give it that extra MUST HAVE!
She sure knows how to grasp today's fashion, add a little vintage look and make it original for all.